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Now you can have cleaner, healthier carpets that stay clean longer than ever before with PureCleans award winning technology

Pure Cleans Cleaning Technology cleans deep into all types of fibers and fabrics including new generation carpet fibers. This technology’s primary benefit is to completely return the fibers and fabrics back to its original state of neutrality  therefore substantially decreasing the amount of times necessary for cleaning

Your fabrics and upholstery will stay significantly cleaner and longer than ever. However, this unique cleaning technology does not only enhance the aesthetic vibrancy of all types of upholstery and carpets, it completely enriches the fibers leaving them soft, supple and smelling fresh like the first day it was walked on! Schedule today to learn why PURECLEAN is rated the #1 carpet care company in Seattle!

Step 1: Flooring Analysis

We take the time necessary to inspect our clients’ areas of concern. We take this time to explain our procedures for solving your floor-care needs. During this evaluation we will be customizing our cleaning package to deliver you the best results you’ve seen. You will have a complete investment prepared prior to our starting the service so there is no surprises at the end of the job!

Step 2: Protecting other Flooring surfaces

We use protective mats, blankets, and pads to protect your other flooring from unnecessary damage. Most companies are in a rush to get to their next job which means that they leave your hardwoods , walls and personal items at risk of being damaged. At Pure Clean we take our time to deliver you a perfectly executed result while treating your home like it’s our own.

Step 3: Dry Soil Removal

Dry soil makes up roughly 79% of the soil in your carpet. Dry soil is responsible for wearing carpet yarns and also contains allergens such as dust mite droppings, pet dander, dead skin and more. We will remove these allergens with our commercial HEPA vacuum prior to beginning work when necessary to ensure your carpets are truly clean when we finish.

Step 4: Soil Suspension

This is another important step that many companies skip. Pre-conditioning traffic lanes, spots and wall to wall carpeting is important because this is what prepared your carpeting to be rinsed of all the soil, bacteria, germs, dirt, etc. The products we use are designed to eliminate allergens & suspend the soil to prepare it for our next step.

Step 5: Spot treatment

Many spots require that you understand the type of spot you are dealing with and also know the proper type of spotting agent to use to allow it to be rinsed from the carpeting. Our technicians are trained to apply the proper treatments to ensure that spots are able to be removed WITHOUT coming back.

Step 6: Soil Extraction

No body… and I mean NO BODY in Washington has the type of equipment that Pure Clean does. When it comes to investing in a carpet cleaning machine you have many different options. You can invest anywhere from $6,000 to $120,000 thousand dollars. The more powerful your machine is – the deeper and more thorough the cleaning is. This also means faster dry times and carpets that stay clean longer. Pure Clean has made the investment in the “worlds most powerful carpet cleaning machine”. So when you see the words ” state of the art equipment” we really mean it!

Step 7: Stain Treatment

Spots are typically materials that have not penetrated the dye sites of the carpet yard. Stains on the other hand are materials that have penetrated the fiber and entered the dye site which essentially means that the color of the carpet has been permanently altered. Luckily, our technicians are trained experts and have products and knowledge that allows us to remove many stains that would otherwise be a permanent eyesore. However, we are not magicians and if it isn’t something we think we can remove we will let you know this ahead of time in most cases. Specialty stains such as ink, wine, dyes, urine may incur a separate charge depending on the severity.

Step 8: Rinsing and our exclusive PureRinse technology

Traditional carpet cleaning companies in the Seattle area will use a heavily reduced version of our cleaning process. But whats even worse is that when they go to start extracting the soil – they are using a soap/detergent that comes through their high-pressure line. The carpets actually will wind up looking ok after they are done – for about a week. Then you start to see your carpets re-soil, spots come back – not to mention that it attracts bacteria, malodors, allergens and more – YUCK!

At Pure Clean we used an exclusive technology called the PureRinse system which uses a industrial Deionization machine to take normal tap water and make into a SUPER completely GREEN cleaning agent that has no soaps, detergents or chemicals in it. Your carpets will be soft, without residue and stay clean longer than any other company in the marketplace.

Step 9: Drying

Our commitment to this area is seen in our equipment. Our speed drying element of service separates us from all other service providers. Our cleaning equipment will leave your carpet dry in about an hour. For extreme cases, we will provide high speed fans to speed this process along more quickly.

Step 10: Reapplying Carpet Protection PUREGUARD

PureGuard is a very high quality carpet protective finish that we apply to carpeting after we finish that will make caring and maintaining the appearance much easier. As an added benefit, when you clean every 6 months we offer 50% off every other cleaning! Ask our staff for details!

Step 11: Groom

Grooming the carpet is important for two reasons. Once PureGuard is applied it is required to groom the product into the carpet to ensure a full saturation into each fiber. Grooming also assists in resetting the memory in the carpet fiber and expediting the drying process.

Step 12: Final Walk-Through

Most companies are quick to leave the home after the job is done to escape potential criticism from the client. PureClean actually welcomes our clients to walk through the home with us after completing a project to make absolute sure everything looks perfect before we begin packing up our equipment.



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