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Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning has earned the right to be named the highest quality carpet cleaning service in Bellevue,WA by employing a unique, green, chemical-free carpet cleaning process.

Pure Clean Residential Carpet Cleaning in Bellevue, WA

A Deeper, Healthier Cleaning Then Ever Before! When you have the experts at Pure Clean clean your carpet you will get the healthiest, deepest clean – guaranteed! We can assure you that you have never had your carpet cleaned until you have had “The Big Truck” take care of your carpet because Our Quality Has No Competition!

Our truck is the World’s Largest, Most Powerful & Advanced Cleaning System. With Pure Cleans’ unique cleaning technology we are able to eliminate bacteria, kill germs, denature dust mites, and remove all soil. You’ll be happy you chose Pure Clean!

Pure Clean is family owned and operated. Brothers Ben & Eric Surdi – also knows as the “Healthy Home Experts”, are the guys out in the field while Brandy answers the phones and schedules appointments.  Bellevue’s top realtors, Dr’s & retailers all recommend and use Pure Clean exclusively. Both Ben & Eric grew up in the carpet cleaning industry and are true experts in the field. If Pure Clean can’t clean it, no one can!

Pure Clean Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning in Bellevue, WA

When you have the experts at Pure Clean wash your your fine rugs you will see just how detailed our work is. Rugs require a series of processes to achieve a true washing. This is because they hold pounds of sand, dust, oils & dander. First we will begin with completely dusting your rug with our professional systems. Next we test your rug for color fastness before be begin the washing. Once your rug has passed our rug ID and color fast test – it is off to the Rug Spa!

Your rugs will be washed by hand at Pure Clean. Our fine oriental rug shampoos are added to a large rug bath and your rug will literally be cleaned by hand until every square inch is perfect. Then, we move onto the rinsing. We use our Pure Water to completely rinse your rug of all dirt and debris while grooming the fibers and setting the nap.

Your rugs will be dried in our drying room and then post inspected for quality assurance. Call us today (206) 353-4155 & ask about our Fine Rug Protector & Dust Mite Denature Treatment!

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